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Bread, muffins, etc.
Our fresh bakery and cereal products include such favourite brands as Dempster’s, Cheerios, Quaker, Nature Valley and Breton’s.


  • Original 100% Whole Wheat Bread
  • WholeGrains Multigrain Bread

English Muffins/Bagels

  • Whole Wheat English Muffin
  • WholeGrains 12 Grain Bagels
  • WholeGrains Whole Wheat Bagels

Tortillas and Pita

  • 10″ Whole Wheat Tortillas
  • 7″ Whole Wheat Tortillas
  • 7″ Whole Wheat Pita


  • Yellow Box Cheerios
  • Multi Grain Cheerios
  • Kix Honey Cereal
  • Cheerios Bowl Pack
  • Mutligrain Cheerios Bowl Pack
  • Life Multigrain Cereal
  • Corn Bran Squares Cereal
  • Oatmeal Squares Cereal
  • Granola (Plain)


  • Quick Oats
  • Instant Oatmeal Regular
  • Instant Oatmeal Maple & Brown Sugar
  • Instant Oatmeal Lightly Sweet Apples & Cinnamon


  • Melba Toast 60% Whole Wheat
  • Grainsfirst Autumn Harvest Crackers
  • Breton Multigrain Crackers
  • Breton Supergrains Bites
  • Cracked Wheat Crackers

Grain based bars

  • Nature Valley Lunch Box Berry
  • Chewy Apple Fruit Crumble
  • Chewy Bumble Berry
  • Apple Cinnamon
  • Blueberry
  • Banana


  • Carrot Muffin


  • Ultimate Crispy Oatmeal Buscuit

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