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Elementary School Milk Program

We can do everything from getting you set up with a refrigerator, to controlling your inventory and making sure you always have a supply of fresh milk. If you need milk for a busy restaurant or coffee shop, we are small enough to give you the personal, reliable service you deserve and large enough to fill any order with next day delivery for your Elementary School Milk Program.

Elementary School Milk Program supplier

Five-Star Milk Service

Our Five-Star Milk Service is an added service that makes your Elementary School Milk Program easier to run. The Five-Star Milk Service is a program offered by select dairies and distributors in Ontario. This program was created to provide elementary schools with high quality, reliable Milk service.

Five-Star members will provide any or all of the services listed below depending on your needs:

  • Deliver Milk right into the fridge.
  • Rotate Milk crate inventories in the fridge to ensure freshness.
  • Work from pre-agreed (standing) orders so you don’t have to call them each week.
  • Deliver Milk to your school a minimum of once per week.
  • Help you obtain a refrigerator, if necessary.
  • Offer a variety of Milk choices to meet your needs; White and Chocolate


Work with a seasoned Toronto vendor.

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